Izgon board game

Created by the couple of Izgon 2 players who played the Amani - Ana Mangotić and Marko Brdar - as well as two other designers, Zoran Marković and Sanja Marković. It was built during the Global Game Jam 2014 event in Belgrade, Serbia - it's an event where you design a game with other participants in three days. The game simulates the players' roles, traveling around, and various interesting events happening to them. The story has been adapted from the general Amani storyline from Izgon 2, however players start without a race, and during gameplay get "defined" as Amani or Kalesti. Melki, Prophets, Hunters and Draak also make an appearance in form of the event cards.

The game is written in English, with a hand-drawn board, and has been released for free under a Creative Commons licence. To play, you'll need to print out the board and event cards. In addition, you will also need some dice (regular D6), a number of pawns (from any other board game) to represent players, and something to represent mana tokens (pieces of paper).