Cultures, characters and rules

Most of the information presented here is written in Croatian. English texts have been specifically marked with (EN). Characters are linked in the language they're written in. For privacy protection, only character names are used - where not applicable (e.g. when players were playing only a diegetic version of themselves), initials are used. "Frozen" Amani and Kalesti characters started late in larp, and had to be "unfrozen" to achieve their full potential - they ended up being unfrozen a weekend before larp finished.

Under each Amani/Kalesti character is their diary, and piece of art produced in-character, if they wished to share it.


Kalesti (EN version)


First batch (arrived at game half)




Reinforcements (arrived weekend before larp ended)




Klara - Vision 1, Vision 2, Vision 3

Characters played by the GM

Shalinor Sil'Elion (diegetic presence)

Control (online presence only)

Plus a lot of people who, knowingly and willingly (or not), took part in the Izgon larp by interacting with players, spreading game-related websites etc. Thank you for making this larp possible!

Bonus content: Amani/Kalesti relationship table (horribly messy, sorry - some info in the cell comment): link