Izgon 2

Izgon 2 was a worldwide pervasive immersionist-style SF/urban fantasy larp headed in Croatia, played from November 13th to December 1st 2013. The November 13th date was a slow start, for old players only - new players started on November 16th. The main plot ended on November 29th - giving two days of slow ending.

A total of 96 players participated in it, which made Izgon 2 the largest Croatian larp since 2005, and largest larp ever produced in Croatia that was not of a combat fantasy style.

A direct sequel of Izgon 1, Izgon 2 was written to be shorter, more intensive, and to wrap up the world started in Izgon 1 - and also to give a chance to participate in such a larp to people who did not play Izgon 1, but now had a better idea of what they're getting themselves into.