Welcome to the world of Izgon larps!

There were 3 main larps so far, ran by Ivan Žalac:
  • Izgon (The Exile) was a pervasive urban fantasy larp held in Zagreb, Croatia (and other parts of the world) from March 24th until April 25th
  • Izgon 2 - took place November 13th - December 1st 2013.
  • Izgon 1.1 - a remake of original Izgon, set into alternate timeline - took place October 4th - November 8th 2015.
Izgon: The Experiment is a chamber larp which ran several times so far, in the 1.1 timeline.

Izgon: Ascendancy is a 40-hour pervasive urban fantasy larp and the current project.

Other Izgon projects:
  • Izgon board game is a board game by Ana Mangotić, Marko Brdar, Zoran Marković and Sanja Marković. It's been created during 2014 Global Game Jam in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Izgon RPG is based on Fate system, it's incomplete but playable and released as-is.
  • Izgnani, a YA novel by Ivana Delac, adaptation of Izgon 1 / Izgon 1.1 from the viewpoint of A'lana. In Croatian only. A free chapter available in Eridan 17, page 44.

Upcoming Izgon projects:
  • Izgon: The Cult - a cult larp about a group of regular humans in Izgon setting, who made their own religion out of supernatural elements present in other larps
  • Izgon: Anthology - anthology of Izgon larps in a written form - with all the documentation and building blocks of what made all Izgon larps so far possible, including all the info required to run your own.
Incomplete / canceled / on hold projects:
  • Exile: Legacy, a spin-off pervasive larp by Mesterházi Sándor
  • Izgon computer game (text adventure)

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